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Flyboard Home Fitness

Flyboard Home Fitness

Complete training

Our Flyboard represents the definitive exercise tool capable of training all parts of the body such as arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen, pectorals with a single tool. You will be able to firm and tone all the muscles of your body by training even from home or outside as well as in the gym or while traveling by always carrying the Flyboard balance board with you.

Guaranteed fun

Flyboard transforms stress into vital energy and improves your psycho-physical condition. It is now proven that thanks to the oscillation movement generated you will be able to correct the postural aspect, harmonious and flexible muscles, reactivate blood circulation, relax the muscles of the spine, acquire calm and mental well-being.

Video Lessons

Consequently, by purchasing the Balance Board Flyboard you will be able to access the video lessons to always have different exercises with you in order to vary your training routine. The proposed exercises are carefully explained by our expert trainers, and you will enjoy progressing in your training.

Made in Italy

Flyboard is a registered trademark and we have been active in the 360 degree fitness world for years. Now we give private individuals the opportunity to purchase the Flyboard to allow you to train in a fun and healthy way! If you have any doubts or curiosities, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

High quality

Flyboard is entirely designed and built in Italy using only premium natural wood particularly suitable for giving the board strength and flexibility. It is also completely non-slip for greater safety and stability during exercise.


We offer a fast and reliable shipping service to ensure your Flyboard arrives safely and timely. You will be able to start training and enjoy the benefits of the tool in a short time!

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