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FlyBoard® Balance Board

La nuova frontiera per un

equilibrio consapevole

gennaro setola flyboard

Produced in Italy with artisanal passion, the Flyboard Balance Board is the brainchild of Gennaro Setola, ready to improve your physical and mental well-being.

This extraordinary tilting proprioceptive tool is a true "All In One" marvel that meets your needs in the Fitness, Wellness and Business fields.

With the Flyboard, the benefits are at your fingertips:

  • Improves balance 

  • Strengthens the core

  • Preserve your back

  • Train your heart

  • Relax your mind

FlyBoard Balance Board e Gennaro Setola
Flyboard X


Flyboard "X" is made with natural wood and high quality eco-leather, it stands out for a black non-slip texture which gives it an original and captivating appearance. Perfect for PERSONAL TRAINER and for those who practice HOME FITNESS, the Flyboard "X" is also suitable for CHILDREN thanks to its lightness and ease of use. It does not require a mat and is able to support up to 250 kg of load, despite weighing only 5 kg.

 In the your trusted gym, with the support of your Personal Trainer, at work or in the comfort of your home, whenever you want. 

Flyboard Balance Board is ready to make you discover well-beingevery step, movement and swing.


Rimini Wellness Flyboard


All the training in one curve!

Compact  Ergonomic  Minimal 

Ultra-resistant  Transportable

No Maintenance

Without mat

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